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by Pat Conner Rice

Today I visited yesterday,
And walked among the graves
Of family and friends from long ago,
Whose memory had begun to fade.
The graves were unattended,
As were my thoughts of them.
When a vision of the ages past,
Brought back my sense of kin.
The vision showed the church lawn,
On a crisp summer day.
The table spread, the food prepared,
And friends who would break bread.
All my relatives were there- Both young and old........
Grandma and I walked hand and hand,
Sharing stories never told.
We laughed and cried and shared our thoughts.
And I found the friend I thought I'd lost.
As the sun began to fade...
The church bell rang out clear.
Grandma and the others slowly disappeared...
Today I visited yesterday,
And now the memory is strong -
Of the family from which I came AND NOW BELONG...


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